Routing Policy

Route Object covering Packet Datacenters and Customers: ALTDB::AS-PACKET

BGP Communities

Packet supports the following BGP communities on routes learned from customers.

 CommunityFunction Notes 
 54825:666BGP BlackholePacket will drop all traffic to your prefix, as well as signal supporting transit providers and peering partners to do the same.

We support de-aggregation down to the /32 (IPv4) and /128 (IPv6) level with this community only.
 54825:222Anycast RoutingBy tagging your routes with this community, Packet will advertise your routes to only transit and peering we maintain consistently on a global basis.  Regional ISPs we connect with (e.g. Verizon in the New York metro area) will not learn your routes, as advertising to them may result in "scenic" routing for customers with global Anycast configurations.

Please note that this community is not advised for normal use, as it will limit the number of available paths/providers you have access to.  It should only be deployed by customers seeking BGP anycast topology, with multiple server instances deployed in each Packet datacenter.